Why are more than 20% of dental practices now offering facial aesthetic services?

What makes Sinclair the best?

Delegable Services – higher revenue capability than facial injectables.

All comfortable treatments, no needles and the highest treatment acceptance rates.

Regulatory Specialists – with a decade under our belts in serving the dental sector and ZERO issues with any state dental board, we can provide clarification and ensure that your implementation and marketing stays within the confines of your state requirements.

Make use of that extra operatory! Maximize your practice’s revenue possibilities.

Comprehensive training & certification on all of the most popular and sought after facial aesthetic treatments and modalities.

Start to Finish implementation and launch plan! – Marketing plans, pre-selling packages plan, assistant launch event, menu of service creation, front office phone training & scripts, malpractice insurance guidance, colleague to colleague advisory references.

If you choose to hire outside of your existing staff, we will even help you with the hiring & onboarding process!

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