What Aesthetic Doctors Are Excited About Right Now

Préime DermaFacial (Sinclair) 

Anil Rajani, M.D.
CEO of Style Aesthetics
Portland, OR, USA

As an early adopter of Préime, I’m excited about the device’s potential in my practice. Préime has combined five technologies into one facial platform system. Patients benefit from tailored treatments using active agents combined with vacuum suction to cleanse and hydrate the skin and prepare it for CO2 microdermabrasion that improves skin tone and texture. The next three steps are what make this system superior to anything else on the market — microcurrent for tissue toning, radio frequency for firmer skin, and ultrasound that penetrates active ingredients into the tissue to enhance moisture retention. You can have great ingredients but if they do not reach the target tissues, you will not see results. This system solves that issue by prepping the surface and facilitating delivery. I finally feel like we have solved this problem.

Patients today are chasing Hollywood’s ‘Glass Skin’, so this is another tool for my team to deliver on that super dewy, smooth, hydrated look that will leave the tissue lifted, healthier, and naturally youthful. Adding systems that allow us to curate treatments to meet the industry’s latest trends while also creating our own unique treatments for patients is a big plus. Préime is also an excellent gateway treatment for upselling and cross-selling. Patients come in for a monthly $350 medical facial and my team has an opportunity to educate them on threads, injectables, and laser services.

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