Sagging skin

Smooth and tight skin with Viora Skin Treatments

Patients dealing with sagging skin want fast, consistent results with affordable and pain-free solutions. They want non-invasive treatments that can be accomplished over a lunch break. Offer them Viora’s leading, effective skin solution.

Viora Collagen Booster™ Solution is a concentrated formula aimed to reduce the appearance of sagging skin and returning the look of youthful elasticity.

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"I’ve had 5 treatments for my skin. There’s an improvement in my skin tone and elasticity of my skin and I’m very pleased with the results." Jana
See the Results with the Viora Collagen Booster™ Solution

Patient Details: Female, 58 years old

Results after: 3 treatments

Courtesy of Or-Ly Sguiy Aesthetic Clinic

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Why Viora?
We are developing the treatments of the future for healthier and happier patients. Join us and let's Shape the Future together!
Always Ahead Our development team is leading the future of aesthetic treatments with their continuous effort to create the most innovative technologies.
Always Winning Viora's solutions put your business in the front line, winning patients' appreciation and satisfaction and clinics' prosperity
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