ReVive Fusion™ – Labial Correction

Labial correction with Viora ReVive Fusion® treatment

Patients suffering from stretched, loose and lax vulval tissue experience a loss of strength and tone in the skin, as well as the surrounding muscles. Whether a medical or cosmetic condition, these patients are increasingly turning to non-invasive labial correction solutions.

With Viora’s ReVive Fusion™ treatment you can offer patients a safe solution that assists in labial correction, regaining a more youthful appearance and firmer sensation. Thanks to Viora’s state of the art ReViVe Fusion™ treatment, the labia area can be completely treated with CORE™ Technology (V-ST Handpiece) delivering the RF energy superficially to the genital area. Combined with SVC™ Technology (V-FR Handpiece) to encourage skin-rejuvenation and anti-aging effected and finally with Ionwave™ Technology (Infusion™) with ReVive ampoule integration of essential nutrients and peptides, the ReVive Fusion protocol is complete.

Due to childbirth, trauma, aging, genetics or congenital disease, the labial area may become lax and loose. The implications of such conditions may range from discomfort via intimate contact, chronic rubbing and pulling sensation up to vulvar irritation and labial pain.

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"I wasn’t expecting such a traumatic delivery and while I’m ecstatic over my beautiful baby, the changes to my nether regions have caused me to be embarrassed when intimate with my husband. I’ve had 6 ReVive treatments to tighten the skin down there and now I feel like a newlywed again!" R.C., ReVive patient
"Although this is the one place on my body that is always hidden, I always felt defective and it totally affected my self-esteem. I can't thank Viora enough for this treatment – this correction has truly been life changing." C.L., ReVive patient
See the Results with the Viora V-IPL Hand Piece

Patient Details: Female,  36 years old

Results after: 3 ReVive Fusion treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Avital Glaubach, Netanya, Israel

See the Results with the Viora Fusion® Treatment

Patient Details: Female,  51 years old

Results after: 4 ReVive Fusion treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Irina Vozdvizhenskaya, Almaty, Kazakhstan

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