Sinclair Products. Advanced, Innovative Solutions

Sinclair’s advanced, non-invasive products include the most advanced devices incorporating Laser, IPL and proprietary RF technologies. Sinclair has solutions that are suitable for all aesthetic practitioners, ranging from dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, general practitioners, dentists to cosmeticians and Spa owners. Sinclair products are used around the world by over ten thousand satisfied customers. The wide range of available technologies allow for the treatment of the most requested aesthetic procedures, including vascular lesions, nail fungi, hair reduction, pigmentation lesions, acne clearance, and acne scar clearance, while delivering the most effective results, quickly, safely, and with little to no downtime.

One device equipped with two handpieces of 808nm laser diode

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Innovative, advanced system with Volumetric Remodeling (JVR) Technology – a high-pressure jet for non-thermal and non-surgical solution for kinetic facelifts, scar repair and dermal thickening.

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Reaction’s cutting edge CORE™ Technology, applies an advanced combination of RF and vacuum therapy to offer the most effective body and facial treatments on the market.

Features & Benefits:

  • Superior treatment control & precision targeting
  • Broader dermal effect & higher energy absorption
  • Highly efficient & effective treatments with proven results
  • Cost effective with quicker treatments, for a better return on your investment
  • Safety & flexibility of a non-invasive solution
  • Works in conjunction with Viora’s ST, BC & FC hand pieces
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Pristine is an all encompassing tool for all your professional microdermabrasion needs. The device offers the largest tip selection on the market for unmatched exfoliation accuracy, effectiveness and ease of use.

Pistine’s major advantages:

  • Perfect preparation before any energy-based treatment (RF, lasers, IPL, and more)
  • Safe treatments
  • Hygienic and sanitary
  • No clogging
  • Vast treatment options
  • Minimum consumables
  • No risk of damaging sensitive areas
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DermaFuse® non-invasive device for facial and body toning procedures

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