ViAcne Fusion®

Flawless, healthy and acne-free skin is just a few Viora ViAcne Fusion® treatments away!

Beauty is revealed by Viora’s ViAcne Fusion® treatment. Safe and comfortable, Viora’s proven clinical results are evident in the many happy…and beautiful…patients.

Featuring a variety of solutions for acne treatment, Viora’s Pristine, V-IPL and needle-free mesotherapy Fusion® treatment dramatically reduce Propionibacterium acnes (P. acne) bacteria and decreases inflammation.

Fusion® is Viora’s exclusive treatment approach where unique nature and flexibility of Viora’s Proprietary Technologies enables a synergetic effect which leads to superior results!

The Diamond-peel produces light exfoliation of the epidermal layer as preparation for the treatment to remove external dead cells and increase light absorption  by dual mechanism of exfoliation and vacuum to improve blood microcirculation

The light absorption from Viora’s V-IPL treatment (PCR™ Technology) produces reactive oxygen that destroys P. Acne in the most effective and safe way. Infusion Electroporation (Ionwave™ Technology) with Viora’s specifically designed smooth ampoule reduces the formation and appearance of blemishes while natural active antibacterial ingredients help to prevent bacterial culture.

Your success is our success! That is why we strive to deliver market leading solutions for a thriving business. Our continuous research and development for best acne treatment technologies is our number one mission!

Read Viora’s V-IPL related peer-review at Viora Knowledge Center.

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“I got my first Acne pimples after wearing a mask for a full day at work. After trying several creams without real improvement, I decided to try Viora ViAcne treatment suggested by me dermatologist and it worked amazingly. I noticed the amazing improvement already after my second session." Dora
See the Results with the Viora ViAcne Fusion®

Facial Moderate Acne

Patient Details:

Female, 29 years old

Results after: 3 ViAcne Fusion® treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Irina Knyazeva, Kazakhstan

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