Skin Hydration

Moisturized and refreshed skin you always dreamed of!

We at Viora are invested in your success! Viora’s skin hydration therapies allow for a broad range of treatments for dry and dehydrated skin and offer a quick and effective solution for long term results and greater patient loyalty.

Viora’s  SVC™ Technology, incorporated in the V-FR handpiece, provides skin renewal and hydration following coagulative necrosis of the dermal skin layer.

Viora’s Infusion™ Electroporation system with Ionwave™ Technology hydrates the skin with Intensive Hydration™ ampoule restoring the moisture balance and repairing the natural cellular water reservoir to prevent moisture loss. Thanks to its key ingredients, hyaluronic acid and saccharide isomerate, it provides immediate and long-term moisturizing effect! These treatments can be delivered as monotherapy or as a combination treatment.

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"I have typical oily skin and I was sure that my skin is moisturized well. But my beautician noticed that my skin was totally dehydrated because my long hours on the beach. After completing 4 Viora hydration session my skin studently became less oily and even my wrinkles look much better." Sonya
See the Results with the Viora Ionwave™ Technology

Patient Details:

Female, 30 years old

Results after: 1 treatment

Courtesy of Viora Ltd. China Clinical team

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