Stretch Mark Reduction

Diminished Stretch Marks is easy task for Viora!

We at Viora are devoted in your success! Viora’s Stretch Mark Reduction treatment is a perfect solution for stretch marks, both red-tinged (striae rubra) and white (striae alba). The treatment is quick and provides an effective solution keeping a high standard for efficacy resulting in greater patient trust and loyalty.

Viora’s stretch mark reduction treatments can also be applied to other types of body scars such as post-operative or C-section scars.

The light absorption of 580 nm cut-off filter of the V-IPL handpiece or 1064 nm V-Nd:YAG Laser handpiece (PCR™ Technology), provides specialized and controlled tissue trauma to activate the body’s healing process through the production of new skin cells and destruction of fibrotic tissue in the stretch mark. For patients with a tendency to PIH, the V-IPL treatment can be also useful to remove hyperpigmentation that often appear over the stretch mark and body scars.

The V-ST handpiece (CORE™ Technology) provides stimulation for neo-collagenasis essential for improvement in the appearance of the stretch marks.

The V-FR Handpiece (SVC™ Technology) provides both “resurfacing” effect on the epidermal skin layer and coagulative effect in the fibrotic tissue in the dermal skin layer.

The biological stimulation with Viora’s Infusion™Anti–Stretch mark™ ampoule using Ionwave™ Technology repairs damaged skin, fully restores elasticity and normalizes the collagen fiber matrix, inhibits proteolytic enzymes involved in stretch mark formation, promotes synthesis of matrix molecules and enables the skin recover from the trauma of being forcibly extended.


Read Viora’s related white papers and peer-review at Viora Knowledge Center.

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"While I was pregnant, I watched the skin on my stomach stretch and I was convinced that I’d have those ugly marks forever. I had Viora’s skin tightening treatments and now I can’t wait to wear my bikini at the beach, playing with my little girl!" Elisa
See the Results with the Viora SVC™ Technology

Patient Details: Female, 43 years old

Results after: 3 treatments with PRF

Courtesy of Dr. Alisa Sharova, Moscow, Russia

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See the Results with the Viora CORE™ Technology

Patient Details: Female, 40 years old

Results after: 3 treatments

Courtesy of Keren Or Medical Aesthetic Center

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