PlumpRF+ Fusion® – Lips rejuvenation

All the Plump, Without the Poke

The Breakthrough lip plumping & rejuvenation treatment without injections or downtime!

It is well known that external factors such as a poor diet, smoking, dehydration, sun damage and more can influence the color, shape and vitality of our lips due to the loss of connective tissue (collagen and elastin), moisture and reduced blood microcirculation which can lead to dual color and a thin dermal layer.

While hyaluronic acid fillers just stuff the lips to produce more volume, the natural regenerative processes achieved by energy-based treatment, restore vivid and youthful appearance of the lips.

Viora is offering a fully customizable, wholly better alternative to injectables. Using advanced technologies completely unique to Viora, this revolutionary treatment open lip plumping up to an entirely new clientele while keeping current patients more satisfied than ever.

Now, an option exists for all patients to attain natural, full, desirable lips without the risk of discomfort, bruising and downtime.


Plump up your profits!

Your success is our success! That is why we strive to deliver market leading solutions for a thriving business. Before Viora’s lips rejuvenation results were only available to clientele who were willing to undergo discomfort and risk. Now, everyone can have the full, beautiful lips they’ve always desired without the pain and encumbrance.

Want To Plump Up yours Profits?

In PlumpRF+ Fusion® protocol each technology provides its beneficial effect. But the total outcome is based on the synergy of the three technologies together.

The Fusion® treatment starts with

  1. Diamond-peel (PristineTechnology 

which provides exfoliation of the lips as preparation of the treatment to reduce skin electrical resistance via dual mechanism of exfoliation of outer layer of the dead cells and vacuum suction which improves blood microcirculation.

Followed with

  1. CORE™ (V-ST Handpiece) Technology 

Viora’s CORE™ (Channeling Optimized Radiofrequency Energy) Technology, the only delivery system on the market that penetrates precisely into the gentle lips tissue to produce the volumetric heating required to stimulate fibroblast activity, collagen regeneration and increased blood microcirculation. The result is a look that appears as though it had been invasive, but amazingly was not.

Viora’s CORE™  Technology is a perfect fit for the human lips.  CORE™’s ability to cool the epidermal layer makes the treatment totally pain free, even on such a sensitive area as the lips.  In addition, CORE™ Technology enables practitioners to deliver sufficient energy fluence in order to create a rejuvenative effect which increases dermal thickness and restores the lips to their natural red color.

The final step of the treatment is with

  1. Ionwave™ (Infusion™) Technology

With hyaluronic acid and saccharide isomerate, the Intensive hydration™ ampoule designed to accelerate the recovery process pots V-ST by supplying essential moisture and increasing the lips volume.

This ampoule restores the moisture balance and repairs the natural cellular water reservoir to prevent moisture loss.

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"I always felt that my lips are asymmetrical and very pale. After only 2 Viora PlumpRF Fusion treatments I noticed the dramatic change and my lips shape, color and event volume" Suzana
See the Results with the PlumpRF+

Patient Details: Female, 32 years old

Results after: 1 treatment

Courtesy of HealthSmart M.D., Boca Raton, FL, USA

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