Fusion® by Viora at a Glance

Where other solutions had trouble to provide – Viora’s Fusion Delivers!

Fusion® Advantage

  • Providing high level and long-term results for skin condition which typically have low success rate with other technologies or mono-therapy treatment.
  • Thanks to flexibility of all Viora’s proprietary technologies, the Fusion@ treatment can be a little changed per unique characteristics of the patient: skin type, skin sensitivity, season time and more.
Fusion’s Scientific Foundation

Viora’s scientific research team developed the Fusion® treatments with the profound understanding of the difficulties practitioners face when treating stubborn skin conditions. The team, comprised of researchers with significant experience utilizing energy-based technologies and biochemical compounds, established the Fusion concept to give both practitioners and patients greater clinical outcomes and tailored possibilities.

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From Viora's Knowledge Center
ReVive Fusion Treatment as a Comprehensive Solution for Labial Aging White Paper: Inna Belenky (Ph.D.), Irina Vozdvizhenskaya (M.D.), Yulia Shtirshnayder (M.D.) and Avital Glaoubach (M.D; OB-GYN)
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