V-FR Handpiece - Beyond Fractional Results! Fractional Treatments for Complete Skincare

Fractional RF treatments allow for safer, more comfortable treatments for patients looking for skin resurfacing, rejuvenation, acne scar clearance, wrinkle reduction and pigmentation disorders.

Now with the Viora V-FR Handpiece you can offer your clients an effective, minimally invasive solution to more aggressive treatments, ensuring that they have a safe experience, with little to no downtime.

The Viora V-FR handpiece is available with all V-Series platforms.

With this improved control available using the Viora V-FR handpiece and SVC™ Technology, you can customize each treatment’s parameters per individual patients’ needs and symptoms, allowing you to treat areas considered more difficult, such as the neck, décolleté and hands.

V-FR Handpiece Advantages:

  • The only solution that offers 3 technologies in 1 system:

1. Ablative

2. Non-ablative

3. Combination

  • Suitable for all areas of the body outside the face (neck, hands, chest, arms, abdomen)
  • Color-blind – Suitable for all skin types (compered to fractional lasers) & Year round treatments
  • Shorter downtime
  • Multiple applications – to grow your practice and increase ROI
  • Viora Unique protocol: ReFine, ReVive, etc.
  • Attractive price – handpiece vs. system
  • The only Fractional Technology that has real depth penetration control (not via energy)
  • The only Fractional Technology that has control over biological response
  • The only Fractional Technology with reduced pain (due to vacuum, cooling, smart-heat)
  • The only fractional system that reduced burns thanks to the vacuum
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See the results with V-FR
Stretch Marks

Patient Details:

Female, 43 years old

Results after: 3 V-FR Treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Alisa Sharova, Moscow, Russia

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See the results with V-FR
Post-acne Scars

Patient Details:

Male, 19 years old

Results after: 3 V-FR Treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Vorapot Siramangkhalanon, Bangkok, Thailand

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See the results with V-FR
Skin Resurfacing & Post-acne Scars

Patient Details:

Male, 43 years old

Results after: 4 V-FR Treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Ronen Glesinger, Israel

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The second generation of fractional RF technology is available only with the Viora V-FR Handpiece due to Viora’s proprietary SVC™ (Switching, Vacuum and Cooling) Technology. With the innovative Switching, Vacuum and Cooling features, you have more control over your treatments, with the ability to target the specific application you want, according to the skin layer, enabling treatments requiring coagulative and ablative responses.

Switching for Optimal Results
Switching the pulse algorithm by pairing fractional RF pins in different distance, enables precise control over the penetration depth, enabling targeting of the specific skin layer, in order to achieve the desired effect. This results in more closely tailored treatments, fewer side effects and improved clinical efficacy.

Vacuum for Better Control
The Vacuum mechanism reduces the level of pain due to pressure on the sensory nerves of the skin (according to the “Gate” theory). Vacuum also ensures proper skin and tip coupling, eliminating the risk of epidermal burns, while making it easier to achieve highly reproducible results. In addition, taut skin ensures that injury points are more equal and symmetrical.

Cooling for Comfort
The thermoelectrically cooled bracket on the electrode array prevents superficial burns for a safer treatment. This significantly reduces pain and ensures a more pleasant treatment experience for your patients.


SVC™ Technology makes Viora’s fractional RF more efficient by generating “smart heat” prior to RF pulsing. This volumetric preheating of the treatment area makes it more receptive to the fractional RF energy. Because tissue conductivity of RF energy is correlated to tissue temperature, an increase in skin temperature lowers impedance. This reduces the fractional energy level needed to achieve the targeted clinical outcome.

SVC™ proprietary Technology gives you greater flexibility by delivering unprecedented penetration depth control; and allows you to determine the desired biological response (ablation and coagulative necrosis) and customize treatments per patient’ needs. Utilizing SVC™ Technology, the V-FR Handpiece delivers a level of safety and control in fractional sessions that allows you to treat areas considered more difficult, such as the neck, décolleté and hands, for all skin types, in all seasons.

V-FR Handpiece is a proven device that can be used in conjunction with Viora’s range of handpieces to deliver a more robust treatment offering and offer Viora Fusion® and combination treatments.

Read Viora’s V-FR Handpiece related White papers and Peer-reviews at Viora Knowledge Center.

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