Viora’s ReLift Solution. Non-invasive Facial Skin Tightening and Contouring Treatment as a Novel Approach for Anti-Gravity & Anti-Aging Solution

White Paper: David E. Kent (M.D.) and Inna Belenky (Ph.D)

Many of the facial indicators of aging reflect the combined effects of gravity, decreased tissue elasticity, rearrangement of subcutaneous volume and loss of soft tissue volume in certain areas and accumulation of fat in others. Thanks to the versatility of CORE™ technology and the availability of three different applicators, Viora’s clinical team was able to develop a novel approach named ReLift, which targets both local fat accumulation and loose, sagging skin. A group of 20 women participated in a study testing this protocol. All participants showed improvement in the appearance of lax and redundant skin, with notable reduction in lower face volume. To summarize, the unique design of the CORE™ technology allows for effective RF-based aesthetic treatments.


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