SVC™ Technology Advances Fractional RF Systems for Improved Control and Comfort

White Paper: Inna Belenky (Ph.D.), et al.

Traditional skin resurfacing methods lead to remodeling of the dermal extracellular matrix but they are associated with significant down-time periods and post-operative complications. Fractional RF devices are minimally invasive systems that deliver a bipolar RF current through an electrode assembly. Viora’s Fractional handpieces represent a new generation of fractional RF devices which is suitable for more difficult to treat areas, such as the neck, décolleté and hands, thanks to its patented SVC™ technology. The SVC™ technology stands for the combination of Switching, Vacuum and Cooling mechanisms which enhances clinical results, patients’ safety, and maximizes patients’ comfort, beyond that which can be achieved with existing fractional RF systems.

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