Non-Invasive Labial Correction: Improvement of Labial Skin Laxity and Texture Using Viora’s V-ST Handpiece Utilizing CORE™ Technology

White Paper: Steven A. Foley, et al.

Due to a number of reasons including childbirth, aging and extreme weight loss, the labial area may appear lax and loose. The aesthetic and functional procedures to treat that area fall under an umbrella term called “female genital cosmetic surgery” which comprises both vulvar and vaginal procedures. The following study was conducted on 14 healthy female patients, mean age of 50 years, with lax and sagging skin at the labia area. The aim of this blind study was to investigate the safety and efficacy of V-ST handpiece with CORE™ technology for labial skin laxity and texture. Patients underwent an average of 5.6 treatments sessions at 2-3 weeks intervals with Viora’s V-ST handpiece. The average improvement score was moderate improvement with 67% patients’ satisfaction. During the procedure, patients did not receive any anesthesia and the 30 minute procedure was well tolerated by all patients. No adverse events or side effects were recorded. This study demonstrates that Viora’s CORE™ technology is a safe and effective treatment modality for skin laxity in the labia area.

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