A Logical Approach in the Treatment of Aging Asian Face

Article: Dr James KM Chan, MD

This article illustrates the differences of etiology of wrinkles and special characteristics of aging skin between Asian and Caucasian populations. Various treatment modalities should be taken into consideration when formulating a facial rejuvenation plan for Asian skin, which should not be adopted similarly for Caucasians.
Plumping up the facial volume (filling of lines) with dermal filler injections should not be considered as the first choice of treatment, particularly in Asians with significant amount of fat accumulation and sagging. Soft tissue augmentation may result in more sagging, thus hindering good aesthetic treatment results.
Using aesthetic devices to tighten and lift the skin is one of the non-invasive and effective approaches available.
Alternatively, micro-liposuction and subcision are other logical approaches to be considered. Micro-liposuction is effective in removing excess fat from submental regions therefore reducing the weight of skin and reduces sagging. Micro Liposuction can also be combined with face lifting with threads to achieve a better result in treating face sagging.

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