• Do I have to use the Infusion™ ampoules or can I use my own?
    The ampoules have been scientifically engineered to work with the Infusion™ technology; using other serums or extracts may not yield desired, optimal results. Although other mixes may be used, in order to attain the desired results, Viora recommends using the specially formulated solutions whenever possible.
  • When will results be seen?
    After the treatment, the skin looks and feels fresh, firm and plump. The long-term benefits of the Infusion™ treatment become prominent with time, as the treatment course progresses and the use of Infusion™'s ionic solutions strengthen underlying skin tissue.
  • How is electro-mesotherapy different from iontophoresis?
    Electro-mesotherapy opens new gateways that deliver solutions through the cell membrane into the cell itself, ensuring deeper penetration and greater absorption. Iontophoresis relies on existing hair follicles and open skin pores and therefore the penetration rate and depth are limited.
  • Does the treatment hurt?
    Contrary to conventional mesotherapy procedures, Infusion™ is a safe, non-invasive treatment that involves no pain or discomfort.
Infusion™ is not marketed in the US.