The Success of ReFit
There's nothing more gratifying and exciting for us at Viora than to hear about the many, ongoing successes with ReFit - the leading non-invasive treatment to address loose and sagging skin, painlessly and effectively, with no downtime. We received a letter from a patient in Florida and had to share! In June of 2012 I went to see Dr. Daniel Man for a consultation for liposuction on my stomach, arms and legs. I was told that I did not have fat, but in fact, it was stretched skin from weig
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On the Small Screen with Reaction!
Viora made a quite a splash on Aesthetic TV while Las Vegas at this year's THE Aesthetic Show. Dr. Daniel Man appears with Dr. Ordan, discussing the science behind multi-channel RF, explains how it is an alternate, non-invasive solution for body and facial contouring and skin tightening, while providing a demonstration of Reaction. View the video here! On the show floor, Tom McDermott speaks about the ability of Reaction to "shrink wrap the skin" that allows for the immediate, visible
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The Down Low on Downtime
When deciding whether or not to undergo a voluntary medical procedure, downtime is generally high on the list of a potential patient’s concerns. Today, there are many non-invasive aesthetic procedures which require no downtime at all. When a client undergoes a procedure such as body contouring with Reaction or microdermabrasion with Pristine, they are able to return to their routine immediately after as there are no adverse, external effects. With treatments that are even somewhat invasive th
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Reaction Realness
Do you really need to go the tummy tuck route to feel good about yourself? Not according to every Real Housewife... In an episode of Real Housewives of NJ, one of the women took a trip to LA to undergo surgery. A little nip and tuck to feel sexy again. Hmm... Expensive surgery All the risks that a surgical procedure with general anesthesia entails Painful (especially if you saw the close-up of skin cut from her stomach) Several weeks of serious downtime Is that the only way
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Section 179 Countdown
While the advent of a new year usually means counting down the seconds to the ball dropping in New York’s Times Square, here at Viora, we’re starting the Section 179 countdown. With only 2 months left, now is the time to act to ensure that you take advantage of the benefits of Section 179. So if you buy a medical aesthetic device from Viora, you can deduct the full purchase price of the equipment purchased or financed during 2013. That’s a transaction that should definitely be checked o
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Brightening Your Clinic!
Looking for that new device to include in your clinic this year? If you’re in the Vancouver, CA region, take advantage of the upcoming Esthetique SPA International event at the Canada Place on the Waterfront on February 2-3 to learn more about Infusion™ and Bright™! We’ll be at booth 120 and in addition to having the opportunity to get information about all of Viora’s products and treatments, you’ll have the chance to win an Infusion™ during the show! [caption id="attachment_57
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Operator Spotlight – Lindsey Webber at the office of Dr. Daniel Man
Lindsay Webber remembers the days before she used Viora products. She worked at places that used similar equipment, in the aesthetics and natural health industries, but says nothing else compares. "The treatment is like no other, to get the results that we are getting without pain or discomfort,” says Webber, spa director, massage therapist and electrologist at the office of Dr. Daniel Man. “Why would anyone want to be treated by anything else?” At Dr. Man’s office, a cosmetic surger
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Labial Laxity and the Use of CORE™
The power of Viora's CORE™ technology is its effectiveness – and there’s great satisfaction in seeing physicians take advantage of this revolutionary multi-RF technology and apply it to their own needs. Labiaplasty, a surgical procedure for reshaping labial tissue is on the rise, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) with an increase of 44% procedures performed in 2013, compared to 2012. With an increased demand of non-invasive techniques for aesthetic t
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Operator Spotlight – Emily Dickman of Kucumber Skin Lounge
When Kucumber Skin Lounge received its first Viora device in 2012 (Reaction), Emily Dickman was skeptical of its promise of drastic results in a non-invasive manner. The Kucumber trainer and lead aesthetician’s skepticism didn’t last long. “When I started seeing the results my clients and I personally were having, my skepticism turned into amazement,” said Dickman, who used Reaction to get a full-face skin tightening for a more youthful, tighter appearance. Now Kucumber uses Reac
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Section 179: One More Benefit to Buying Viora Products
The sheer quality of Viora’s aesthetic medical solutions, such as the clinically proven V-Series multi technology platform, V-touch, Reaction, Trios and Pristine  is incentive enough to buy them. But who wouldn't want a tax break while they’re at it? That’s where Section 179 comes in. Section 179 is an incentive by the U.S. Government intended to boost the economy and make everyone happy. And it really does. According to the Section 179 website, this IRS tax code allows businesses to
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