Scars are a natural part of the body’s healing process, yet they can leave patients disfigured, or with a low self esteem, due to self consciousness or embarrassment.

What actions are your practice taking to help patients achieve the most effective scar reduction results?

Patients in the market for scar reduction treatments are looking for painless treatments, that can be done quickly, affordably, and effectively. They find their answer in non invasive treatments like laser, where unlike surgery, they can be in and out of a treatment over a lunch break, with absolutely no recovery time.

Now with Viora’s scar reduction solutions, you can use multiple products and combination treatments to get the best results for your patients.

Suitable for all skin types and with no anesthesia required, Viora’s SVC™ technology can dramatically improve a scar’s appearance through dermal remodeling.

Why Viora?

State of the Art Treatments. Viora treatments are clinically proven, safe and painless, with no downtime. Our products allow for a wider range of treatments, so you can offer your patients a faster, better, and more effective solution.

Innovative Improvements. Viora specializes in improving existing technology, in response to market demands, for the most up to date solutions.

Smarter Products. Our wide range of Viora products work to achieve the scar reduc-tion results you need.

We’re invested in your success. Viora is committed to providing you with the most advanced technologies and enabling the most requested treatments, so that your busi-ness thrives. We partner with you, so you get all of the support you need to achieve the best and fastest return on your investment.