ReFine – Viora’s treatment for perioral lines

If you’re looking for an effective, quick solution for perioral wrinkles or “barcode” lines above the upper lip, Viora’s new ReFine protocol is for you!

Perioral lines result from genetics, smoking, sun exposure and aging. As fillers are not an effective tool for tightening static lines, the use of RF energy to target the skin’s texture and promote fibroblast activity to increase elasticity is a better solution.

With Viora’s groundbreaking technology CORE and SVC™, you can:

  • tighten skin to erase lines
  • improve skin texture
  • restore skin elasticity


Although I stopped smoking several years ago, I felt my face still showed the marks of a smoker. Those lines above my lip haunted me every time I looked in the mirror, reminding me of my past. After getting the ReFine treatments, I feel like a new woman! I can’t stop looking in the mirror, but now I’m thrilled about what I see! Carol

Expand Your Treatment Menu with ReFine

Now ReFine lets you easily increase your treatment offerings, easily performed with the V-ST and V-FR handpieces. Viora’s advanced clinical protocol harnesses the power of Viora’s proprietary CORE and SVC™ technologies for:

  • visible results
  • fast treatments
  • minimal downtime
  • minimally invasive solution

Want to implement ReFine in your clinic?

See how ReFine can work for you today! Contact us today for a free demo of V-ST and V-FR.