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V30 from Viora

The Heat Is On!

While meteorologists around the world are registering record-breaking temperatures, Viora is breaking its own record – July 2015 is going down as the best sales month in all of Viora’s 10-year history! With the exciting V-Series platform line gaining traction in the marketplace, customers are eager to have access to the leading Viora technologies that are integrated into the V30 and V20 systems. PCR, SVC and CORE deliver great results for the most requested applications. And when used in combination, the opportunities for producing excellent, enhanced results occurs. This news follows the appointment of Mr. Eliran Almog as CEO of Viora Ltd., and Ms. Andrea Trofimuk as GM of Viora Inc. in the North American market, supported by newly promoted VP Sales, Mr. John Parenti.


Aesthetic Market Trends

Continuing in the Right Direction

Have you wondered if your decisions to invest in a certain device or treatment is justified? Viora was gratified to see the recent statistics from Statista. They are projecting an estimated 40% growth in the global aesthetic market for body contouring and energy devices. In fact, it appears that the estimated increase in market value surpasses other popular treatment requests, so it appears that we’re on the right track! Do you have a contouring device in your clinic? If not, don’t miss out! Viora’s contouring solutions deliver results, with the convenience you’re looking for.


Viora training at INSKIN

Taking Over, Down Under

Regulations play a large role in the lifespan of an aesthetic system, so it’s always a significant breakthrough when the paperwork is wrapped up, the testing is complete and the final approvals have been given. Recently in Australia, Viora has received TGA listing and approval for Reaction and the V-Series. These authorizations now allow Viora to begin to powerfully market and sell these systems “Down Under”. Viora is proud to announce that we’re now working with INSKIN Cosmedics, a long-established and well-respected skin care company, based in Sydney. INSKIN will be distributing all of Viora’s solutions in Australia. Practitioners interested in acquiring Viora solutions for their clinics can visit INSKIN for more information.


ReFine Results!

ReFine Your Appearance

Viora’s newest combination concept, ReFine, treats perioral lines with V-ST and V-FR handpieces. Available with the V30 and V20 multi-technology platform, ReFine gives practitioners a new solution to address those “barcode” lines and wrinkles caused by genetics, aging, sun exposure or smoking. While fillers and volume corrections don’t effectively treat these static, vertical lines, ReFine combines the tightening achieved by V-ST and the resurfacing attained with the V-FR handpiece. Powered by Viora’s proprietary CORE and PCR technologies, this combination erases lines, improves skin texture and restores skin elasticity. If you’re interested in learning more about ReFine, and how you can offer ReFine to your patients, contact us today!


Reaction on E News!

Firing on all Cylinders

The US has been busy between participating in exhibitions and conferences around the country, criss-crossing from Florida to Vegas to Georgia and back to the West Coast for in California. Dinner events were held in several states as well, ensuring that the Viora name gets out to medical aesthetic practitioners. Viora customers have also had the opportunity to participate in regional training sessions, taking place in NY, Seattle and Florida. And if being on the road wasn’t enough to get the word out, Viora relied on E News!, where Dr. Matthew Schulman appeared with his Brazilian butt lift technique. Hundreds of thousands of viewers were introduced to their summer solution, featuring Reaction. If you haven’t had a chance to see the show, check it out here!




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