The Technical Difference

Your success is our success and we take great pride in ensuring that your technical staff has the know-how and ability necessary to achieve that goal.

We provide you with the necessary support tools to quickly and easily integrate Viora’s solutions into your practice. And we understand your business and know that quick and efficient technical support is critical to the health of your business. To that end, we ensure that you have superior support:

  • Service manuals per device and handpiece
  • Service videos
  • Installation PPTs and videos
  • Regional trainings
  • On-site trainings
  • Online support portal

Customer care is uppermost in our business decisions, and our professional response and technical knowledge are the key drivers to achieving satisfaction.

The Viora Difference

Our relationship doesn’t end with your Viora purchase, but instead grows stronger. It is important to us that you’re content with your decision to join the Viora family. Viora’s team is agile and prompt in addressing any technical issues you may have, so you have the tools and knowledge to advance your business. We know it’s in our best interest to keep you, and your own customers satisfied.

Join the Viora family, where satisfaction is found worldwide!