Treatments and training

Motivated by the advantages of Viora’s advanced technology, our clinical team has developed proven treatment protocols, designed to give the most effective results, within the ideal timeframe. These procedures let you deliver immediate results to your clients.

We provide a multitude of clinical tools to enable you to easily train your staff, ensuring they understand the hows and whys behind the scenes. This in-depth knowledge gives you the confidence that your team is performing their best.

  • Basic trainings
  • Skype conferences
  • Advanced Clinical trainings
  • Training website
  • Regional trainings
  • Training presentations & guidelines
  • Proficiency and usability tests
  • Treatment protocols
  • Quick Guides
  • B&A presentations
  • White papers
  • Demo guidelines

Clinical advantage with advanced protocols

Enjoy your clinical advantage with our advanced treatment protocols. Uniquely designed to capitalize on Viora’s leading solutions and second-generation technologies, our combination protocols deliver the best non-invasive results, in the most efficacious time.

Our clinical team is continually working to develop special and combination protocols. These are unique to Viora and are designed to open new opportunities to your clinic.

Join the Viora family and benefit from our clinical expertise!

*Availability depends upon local regulations