SVC™ Technology at a Glance

SVC™ (Switching, Vacuum, Cooling) Technology creates the most convenient, safe, and controlled treatment experience to benefit both practitioners and patients.

Benefits for Practitioner.

SVC™ Technology delivers unprecedented penetration depth control to practitioner, with ability to customize their treatments according to patient’s specific needs and symptom treated.

Benefits for Patients.

SVC™ Technology provides increased comfort for patients, both during and after treatments.

SVC™ Technology is incorporated in the V-FR handpiece and is available for use in the V-Series multi-technology platform line. Now your patients can receive the safest, fastest, most comfortable and most effective treatments available.

How SVC™ Works

SVC™ Technology offers groundbreaking advances in the medical aesthetics industry.

First, the Switching mechanism gives physicians full control in depth of RF energy penetration, so treatments can be tailored to individual patient’s needs. A second feature, Smart Heat is generated before each pulse, improving the safety as lower energy levels can be used for precision treatments and better results.

The Vacuum mechanism ensures proper skin coupling to the fractional tip, while stretching the skin, provides delivery of equal injury points, the elimination of epidermal burns, as well as better handling for the practitioner, making it easier to achieve highly reproducible results.

The SVC™’s Cooling feature utilizes advanced TEC technology. This protection allows for a safer, more comfortable treatment.


From Viora's Knowledge Center
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