Want to meet your customers’ needs with advanced light and RF technology? Viora’s V20 Multi-Technology Platform delivers!

Viora’s V20 Multi-Technology platform

(part of the V-Series ) is specifically designed to meet these challenges and more!

You can have it all!

  1. Multi Proprietary Technology Platform
  2. All high-end technologies
  3. Clinically proven and validated by the market
  4. Multiple applications from a single Handpiece
  5. Multiple applications in one system
  6. Wide array of treatment protocols and applications to grow your business
  7. Total Face & Body solution
  8. Expandable, customized solution that grows with your business and maximizes ROI
  9. Future technologies will fit the platform – upgrades!


Viora specializes in providing you with the most advanced technologies within one platform, so you can expand your practice as you need and on your time.

By combining multiple technologies, the V20 Multi-technology platform enables you to offer multiple applications to your patients. Each technology is accessible via a different handpiece, and can be acquired separately, so you control your treatment menu.

With FDA and CE approvals, V20 gives you total control and flexibility.

The most popular patient requests that can be treated with Viora’s V20:

  • Skin Tightening
  • Body Countering & Circumferential reduction
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Hair Reduction
  • Moderate inflammatory acne
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Pigmented Lesions

Viora capitalizes on the advanced and proprietary technology within V20 by delivering the most effective results possible, quickly, safely, painlessly and with little to no downtime.

Learn more on how V20 can help you – contact us today!

Let Viora’s V20 make a difference in your clinic and shape your future!

V20 full configuration includes:

V-FORM Handpiece for body countering, cellulite and circumferential reduction utilizes Viora’s proprietary Multi-CORE™ – multiple RF configuration of CORE™ (Channeling Optimized RF Energy) Technology with three individual RF channels and a fourth channel incorporating all three modes for greater depth penetration and control and vacuum suction.


The V-IPL Handpiece for hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, pigmented and vascular lesions and moderate inflammatory acne. The V-IPL Handpiece has 6 interchangeable cut-off filters, ensuring complete treatment coverage for all skin types and conditions. With PCR™ (PulseConfiguRythm) Technology for generating various pulse configurations and provides adjustable pulse duration – from single to rapid pulse – ensuring that every skin type and condition can be treated.

The V-ST Handpiece for skin tightening utilizes Viora’s proprietary CORE™ (Channeling Optimized RF Energy) Technology with three individual RF channels and a fourth channel incorporating all three modes for greater depth penetration and control.

The V-FR Handpiece for skin resurfacing,  uses Viora’s innovative SVC (Switching, Vacuum, Cooling) Technology of Switching, Vacuum and Cooling gives physicians greater control.

The V-VR Handpiece for woman’s health incorporates two patented non-invasive RF technologies, the Co-Polar RF™ and CORE™ Technologies. 

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V20 V-FR

19 Years old male,

Underwent 3 Treatments

Courtesy of Dr. Vorapot Siramangkhalanon, Bangkok, Thailand

V20 - V-IPL Skin Rejuvenation


Underwent 2 treatments

Courtesy of Etty Wolff, Israel

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