Throughout a woman’s life, hormonal and physical changes, such as pregnancy and menopause can adversely affect vaginal health. These intimate concerns often go untreated due to embarrassment, lack of awareness, or the desire to avoid invasive surgeries. At the forefront of women’s health, we created a new, non-invasive, pain-free vaginal rejuvenation treatment, the V-VR.


Now you can perform non-invasive, safe and quick vaginal treatments with superior results!

The V-VR handpiece is available with all V-Series platforms.

  1. V-VR offers two patented non-invasive RF technologies
    1. Co-Polar RF™
    2. CORE™

The non-invasive Co-Polar RF™ Technology has the benefit of delivering bi-polar RF energy with the controlled ability of a monopolar configuration —preventing unexpected energy spread or “hot spots”.

The CORE™ Technology selectively delivers RF energy to controlled depths from superficial mucosa to the vaginal muscular layer.


  1. V-VR’s thoughtfully designed handpiece integrates with Viora’s line of multi-technology platforms: V10, V20, & V30
  2. Quick, safe, pain-free treatments without downtime

In Europe, V-VR is indicated for electrocoagulation of soft tissues for vulvovaginal laxity. In the United States, V-VR is indicated for temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pain, temporary relief of muscle spasm, and temporary improvement of local blood circulation.

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V-VR’s tips include an integrated IR temperature sensor to ensure constant intra-vaginal temperature monitoring, enabling a safe and effective treatment profile.

The disposable nature of the tip means no autoclave or cleaning is required between patients!

V-VR Handpiece Advantages:

  • No anesthesia required
  • Painless & fast procedure
  • No downtime
  • Best ROI
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