Bi-Polar RF, Still the Gold Standard for Non-Invasive Fat Volume Reduction

Peer-review: James K. M. Chan, Inna Belenky, Monica Elman

Background and Objective: Non-invasive body contouring treatments is one of the fastest growing markets in the aesthetic field. The main purpose of radiofrequency (RF)-based devices for body contouring is to produce thermal stimulus which leads to skin tightening effect by dermal collagen production and decreases the volume of adipose tissue by a reduction of the adipocyte’s cytosolic. The cutaneous application of RF devices in Asian patients differs in several respects from their use in Caucasians; therefore the objective of this study was to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a novel RF device used for focal fat reduction.

Materials and Methods: Twenty-two Asian patients aged 24 – 51, Fitzpatrick skin types III-V, were enrolled to the study and received 6 sessions of consecutive abdomen contouring treatment with bi-polar RF device combined with a mechanical pressure. Statistical linear correlation tests and descriptive analysis were performed on the cohort.

Results: All twenty-two patients treated for six treatments showed some degree of circumferential reduction with a stable weight. No adverse events were recorded during the whole period of trial. During the 3-month follow up visit, no deterioration of the body condition was detected. No statistical significant relation was found between circumference change and weight, age, height or BMI. Conclusions: The majority of the patients exhibited a substantial circumferential reduction, not at the expense of weight loss. The bi-polar RF device was found to be safe for Asian skin.


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