Age, gravity, and genetics can lead to sagging skin and local fat in the facial and neck areas. For many patients the result is a “square face” or “bulldog look”.

How is your practice leading the way to solving these aesthetic problems quickly and effectively?

Non invasive solutions are the number one choice today when dealing with sagging skin and related skin problems. At an affordable price, and with no recovery time, patients are choosing to undergo these quick, non surgical treatments that are so quick, they can be completed over a lunch break.

Goodbye surgeries. Hello ReLift.

Defying gravity, Vioras ReLift is the most effective solution on the market for treating sagging skin and local facial and neck fat.

Suitable for all skin types and with no anesthesia required, Viora’s CORE technology shrinks fat cell volume, enhances blood circulation throughout the treatment area, and much more. Significant results include skin elasticity restoration and a tighter and smoother appearance.

Why Viora?

State of the Art Treatments. Viora treatments are clinically proven, safe and painless, with no downtime. Our products allow for a wider range of treatments, so you can offer your patients a faster and more effective solution.

Innovative Improvements. Viora specializes in improving existing technology, in response to market demands, to enhance customer and patient experiences.

Smarter Products. Our wide range of Viora products work in conjunction with Viora’s ST hand piece to achieve the skin tightening results you need.

Were invested in your success. Viora is committed to providing you with the most advanced technologies and enabling the most requested treatments, so that your business thrives. We partner with you, so you get all of the support you need to achieve the best and fastest return on your investment.