Viora Products. Advanced, Innovative Solutions

Viora’s advanced, non-invasive products include the most advanced devices incorporating Laser, IPL and proprietary RF technologies. Viora has solutions that are suitable for all aesthetic practitioners, ranging from dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, general practitioners, dentists to cosmeticians and Spa owners.
Viora products are used around the world by over ten thousand satisfied customers.
The wide range of available technologies allow for the treatment of the most requested aesthetic procedures, including vascular lesions, nail fungi, hair reduction, pigmentation lesions, acne clearance, and acne scar clearance, while delivering the most effective results, quickly, safely, and with little to no downtime.
Viora products include V30 multi-technology platform, incorporating Laser, IPL and RF within device to allow physicians to offer multiple applications with one product, as well as benefit from Viora’s unique combination protocols ensuring the highest clinical outcomes; Reaction – multi-frequency bi-polar device utilizing unique CORE technology; Trios – with IPL technology, and Pristine – diamond-tip microdermabrasion device.